About US

Our service to you is our priority, you are important to us. We aim to offer the best service you could imagine. We have over 35 years experience in the industry so we know what is needed.

Our shop was “Top Banana Car Audio” based in Fleet, Hampshire for 9 years. Due to the ever evolving market we found there was a need for a reliable, approachable mobile service. This is what we offer. We’ve revitalised our business and have now moved into the 21st century.

Now we are a FULLY mobile company it allows us to be able to fit with your specification, location and needs. We come to you, whether it’s to your work or home. We are totally flexible so we can meet YOUR requirements.

Throughout this site you’ll see many things we can provide. We don’t sell through this site because we prefer to give our personal touch to everything we do. All you have to do is phone us and you’ll find our friendly service second to none. As prices are always fluctuating, to enable us to be as competitive as possible some of the equipment may not be priced. On anything that isn’t priced, all you have to do is call or e-mail us and we’ll calculate our very best up to the minute price.



Having originally started his 4-year apprenticeship in 1979, Paul is the longest standing team member of Top Banana Mobile. He’s seen the evolution of the car industry, specialises in car audio, and still remembers fitting mono radios in days gone by.



Buzz is the newest member of the Top Banana Mobile team. He’s only 5 months into his apprenticeship, but is already an integral part of the team. On jobs he can be found playing with the guys, but he’s been trained to fetch a spanner when it’s needed.



Ellis is 2 years into his 4 year apprenticeship, and is learning the tools of the trade from Paul. He loves how varied the work can be, and does all the tasks that Paul does too. He even gets history lessons about the older forms of in-car entertainment.

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