As a V.S.I.B. approved company, we are fully certificated to supply and fit all Insurance Approved alarms. At Top Banana, our mobile fitting service means it’s easy for you to have anything installed in your vehicle. We come to you!

We have a variety of alarm products available. These range from a simple touch key Cat 2 immobiliser to a full Cat 1 alarm system that can control your central locking (vehicle specific), close your electric windows (window module required) and more.

We are also able to both the ScorpionTrack and the ScorpionTrack Fleet tracking systems. ScorpionTrack enables you to track your vehicle should it be stolen, and ScorpionFleet allows fleet management companies to track their drivers and vehicles throughout the working day.

If you can’t find the product you’re looking for then please get in touch with us here. We’re able to fit most alarm systems in any vehicle, including if you supply your own, so when you call just let us know you can supply your own system.

our alarm kits


The S30 is a Remote Alarm Immobiliser System. Sits within the Thatcham Category 1 & L1 Approved groups.


The SA30 is the basic alarm system. It is marked ‘E’ in the EU 95/56 directive (security) and EU 95/54 directive (electrical).


The S32 is an Upgrade Alarm System. Sits within the Thatcham Category 2 to 1 & L2 to L1 Approved Upgrade groups.


The S34 is an Upgrade Alarm System. Sits within the Thatcham Category 2 to 1 & L2 to L1 Approved Upgrade groups.

Sterling Excel

The Sterling Excel is a Transponder immobiliser. Sits within the Thatcham Category 2 group.

Sterling Touch

The Sterling Touch is a touch-key operated, two circuit immobiliser. Sits within the Thatcham Category 2 group.

our tracking systems


Protecting your car has never been easier with ScorpionTrack. It’s an award-winning vehicle tracking system, designed and manufactured in the UK. ScorpionTrack supplies leading brands including Aston Martin, Ford, Subaru and many more.

ScorpionTrack – fleet

For fleets of all sizes, ScorpionTrack Fleet lets you manage your fleet and drivers with maximum efficiency and minimum disruption to service. You can allocate vehicles to drivers who are closest, and help reduce fuel costs through improved route planning and driving behaviour.

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