All locks we supply and fit are unique to each vehicle. This means each one is designed to fit each vehicle properly, so you can rest assured your van is protected once the installation is complete.

We understand that every van is different, so you can order each lock kit for an individual door, a pair of doors or for the whole vehicle. Each van locking system has a unique key number, therefore giving us the ability to get new keys cut or further locks fitted without the need to have different keys.

At Top Banana Mobile, we use two different types of keys in our locking systems.

The first key is the basic key, similar to a Yale key in shape. The second is far superior in construction and material. It’s much more resistant to the strain keys suffer from during daily use. Both these keys are made for a drill resistant, tamper proof lock barrel.

our van locks


Deadlocks are the most common type of supplementary vehicle lock, available in a wide range of door specific kits to meet your requirements.


Recommended for load area doors, Slamlocks automatically lock and secure as the door is closed. You’ll then need a legitimate key to regain access.

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