At Top Banana Mobile, we specialise in fitting AV Multimedia systems into vehicles of all sizes. Keeping passengers occupied during long journeys has never ben easier with our AV Multimedia systems.

All systems have the capability to play DVD’s, whilst the screens can be adjusted to suit individual passenger positions. There are two options available: a roof mounted screen, and a headrest screen.

For more information on the kits available, please get in touch with us here. Our team will be more than happy to help. We are able to fit most AV Multimedia systems, including if you’re supplying your own. Just let us know when you speak to a member of the team.

our av multimedia kits

AV Roof Mount

Developed by C-KO, this innovative new roof mount unit includes a built-in DVD player and monitor that helps keep passengers entertained. The adjustable monitor means that you can always enjoy DVDs in comfort.


Ideal for vehicles with smaller interiors, these innovative headrest screens are perfect for families who want to keep children entertained whilst driving. With simple-to-use controls, they are the ideal addition to any car.

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