Ideal for vehicles of all sizes, parking sensors are ideal for manoeuvring in small spaces and for preventing damage to both your vehicle and others. Parking sensors are a safe additional to improve your everyday driving.

At Top Banana Mobile, we can fit both front and rear parking sensors. Both have the options to have an easy-to-use display fitted, and come as either black or silver as standard. However, we are able to colour code each sensor so that it matches your current vehicles colouring.

For more information about the parking sensors that we have available, then get in touch with us here. We can fit most parking sensors to most vehicles, including if you need to supply your own. Simply let us know when you speak to one of the team.

our parking sensors

Front Sensors

At Top Banana Mobile, we are able to fit front parking sensors to a range of vehicles. These Steelmate front sensors can be upgraded for use with one of their visual displays, or it can just be left as a standard parking sensor. We are able to colour match the front sensor to your current vehicles’ paint job.

Rear Sensors

The Steelmate rear parking sensors have been designed for use solely as a parking sensor, or can be upgraded for use with their visual displays. We are able to colour match the sensor to your current car, so you don’t have to worry about them standing out when installed.

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