Tow Bars

At Top Banana Mobile, we are able to both supply and fit Witter and Towtrust tow bars to a range of vehicles. Both can be fully fixed or made removable which allows for a discrete, hidden tow bar.

Both brands are available for almost all cars, but if you are unsure about whether your vehicle is suitable then please do get in touch with us here. Our team will be happy to help find the right tow bar for you.

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Fixed Flange

Generally the most cost effective option for towing, a fixed flange tow bar is traditionally used in the UK. Installing a fixed flange tow bar means that you can use accessories including a mounted cycle carrier, and bumper shields can still be fitted.

Detachable Flange

Similar in functionality to the fixed flange towbar, the detachable flange means that when the tow bar is taken off the vehicle, very little of the fitting can be seen. This is ideal if you only occasionally have anything attached to the back of your vehicle.

Fixed Swan

The fixed swan tow bar is most commonly used outside of the UK, and is less likely to trigger parking sensors whilst driving. This type of tow bar is more discrete compared to the standard flange tow bar thanks to it’s slimmer design.

Detachable Swan

Still more commonly used within Europe (outside of the UK), the detachable swan tow bar has all the functionality of the standard swan tow bar, but is the first to allow for a removable design. It won’t trigger parking sensors when attached, as long as you remove the ball.

Choose your socket

7 Pin

Also known as 12(N), a 7 pin socket provides power from the towbar to the lights on a trailer or caravan. However, any interior appliances such as kettles or fridges won’t have enough power directed to them to work.

13 Pin

Commonly fitted to all caravans manufactured post 2008, the 13 pin plug is in essence two 7 pin sockets combined into one. This allows for power to be directed to both exterior lights, and interior caravan appliances.

Twin Socket

A two plug system, the twin socket is commonly used on caravans that were manufactured before 2008. They power everything that a single system powers plus the reversing lamp, battery, power supply and fridge.

Choose your wiring

Vehicle specific

At Top Banana Mobile, we are able to fit vehicle specific tow bar electrics. For more information on what is suitable for your vehicle, get in touch with one of our team here.


As the name suggests, this wiring system is universal, so it can be used when installing tow bar electrics on all vehicles. For more information on fitting, get in touch with our team here. 

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